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One of the best places to eat in Lancaster county by far! The second you walk into the restaurant you are greeted with warm welcomes as if they knew you for years, even if it’s just your first time attending. Their hospitality is top notch! The food is always phenomenally made as well, from their avocado special to their black dragon ... read more
Jonathan Anspach via - Oct 17, 2021
The best fried duck and curry this side of the Mississippi River.
Kendall Shrock via - Oct 12, 2021
My boyfriend and I came here for the first time earlier this week, and ordered A LOT of food. It’s rare to get food and have everything be delicious! We got two sushi rolls, Tom yum soup, sumusas (which I highly recommend), pumpkin curry (that came with a lentil soup too!) and pad see ew. The food was delicious and our waiter was ver ... read more
Tearrany Andrews via - Oct 9, 2021
Over the last 4-weeks, we have come up from Northern Virginia to Lancaster 3-weekends for wrestling tournaments, which is how we found our new favorite PA restaurant. The staff is great, the food is incredible and we will keep coming back because we love everything about the Eastern Place. Come eat here and you will leave very happy ... read more
David Swiger via - Oct 9, 2021
Best Asian food I've ever had. I won't eat fried rice anywhere else ... read more
Tranny Commando via - Oct 6, 2021
Everything was phenomenal. I’m still curious why this is the first time I’ve seen a restaurant think of putting fried coconut shrimp in sushi, next level! Super fast and friendly service as well!
Ashley Bortner via - Oct 6, 2021
Pad Ga Pow was delightful! Spice and texture of the dish was spot on. Staff are friendly and genuine. Give them a try!
cody mitchell via - Oct 6, 2021
I've been here twice now and had good experiences both times. The food is great and the people are very friendly. The last time I was there, the owner gave me extra rice to take home with my left over red curry. Couldn't ask for better service.
Josh Blank via - Oct 5, 2021
The Burmese chicken curry (in the picture) is sooo good. Love the pad Thai and pad see ew here too.
Kalen Blair via - Oct 2, 2021
First time here as we are new to the area. First impressions: quite busy, very clean. I noticed people there drinking beer and realized this place is BYOB. Being from Cali, new concept to me! We waited for quite a while, but once our server acknowledged us, and brought our drinks things moved forward. Service was very friendly an ... read more
Ina Schweitzer via - Sep 18, 2021
Amazing food! Friendly, helpful staff. Praying for your family in Burma.
Dawn Weaver via - Sep 17, 2021
So so so good!! Food was excellent and staff was so nice and helpful... large portions can't wait to go back and try more things ... read more
Melissa Pongonis via - Sep 13, 2021
I love this place! The staff is so sweet and do everything they can if you’re satisfied. The food is so good and vegetarian friendly!
Kaitlyn Myers via - Sep 12, 2021
Excellent sushi and very friendly service ... read more
Bill Phippen via - Sep 12, 2021
Halal food offered! Chicken is always halal from restaurant depot. Make sure the beef is halal, it usually is. Immigrant owned business, you will be well taken care of! Highly recommend! Never tried the sushi 🍣 but I always get the samusa, tom yum soup, pineapple or basil fried rice, and an entree. I like the chicken with broccoli.
Shakila Nida Shah via - Sep 12, 2021
Very friendly staff and awesome food. Check it out, they do things very well there!
Bryce Sadler via - Sep 11, 2021
The ginger Thai was incredible. This Thai restaurant has quickly become one of my favorite places. We drive about an hour to get here, but the food is worth the drive!
Chrissy Bannon via - Sep 7, 2021
Food was great, service was even better! The owner is simply wonderful and charming. Highly recommend. Ignore the fact that they store boxes in the eating area. Weird, but get over it. Food is worth it!
John Bangs via - Sep 5, 2021
Awesome food!
John Hartung via - Sep 5, 2021
A gem of a place! All the food we ordered was delicious, and came out quickly. 10/10 recommend the p
A gem of a place! All the food we ordered was delicious, and came out quickly. 10/10 recommend the pad thai, it was better than any others I've had. The owner's husband (who served our table) was so kind, the best part of our time there was talking to him!
Erica M. via - Sep 4, 2021
Variety of choices, and all delicious ... read more
Marissa G via - Aug 29, 2021
Very tasty and equally affordable meals, excellent service and very clean and neat place.
Ramses Cairo via - Aug 29, 2021
Great staff and great food. It's always a treat to dine there.
Joseph Skarbowski via - Aug 27, 2021
Thank you so much for the amazing evening! Our server so kind and proud and attentive, and the food was super delicious! We will be back!
Mary Ellen Mahoney via - Aug 26, 2021
Amazing ginger thai and shrimp and broccoli. The food and the service were excellent! We will be back again!
Christina Bannon via - Aug 26, 2021
My favorite😁🦫👅❤ ... read more
Cleo Grove via - Aug 26, 2021
Good Burmese food and Thai. I would not recommend the sushi. Service is good and prices are a bit hi
Good Burmese food and Thai. I would not recommend the sushi. Service is good and prices are a bit high ... read more
Leslie R. via - Aug 22, 2021
Great food and nice place ... read more
Gina Campanella via - Aug 21, 2021
Eastern Palace has delicious, well-priced food (and LOTS of different options). However, their serve is what stands out the most to me each time I visit! They are quick, kind, and genuine with making sure the food is delicious and how you want it, but also with the conversations they start with you. Cannot wait to go back again!
Veronica McLean via - Aug 18, 2021
good food ... read more
Jash Grewal via - Aug 17, 2021
Great food great prices the tiger roll was great ... read more
Eric Brown via - Aug 14, 2021
Great authentic restaurant. Don't skip the Burmese dishes.
Beth Zucconi Bennett via - Aug 14, 2021
Good place to eat.Friendly and nice service ... read more
Viswanathan Arunaiappan via - Aug 14, 2021
Great little Asian food restaurant. I had fried rice and was delicious... Will definitely be back to Try some more off their huge menu. We had fried pork dumplings... Really tasty!
Greg Mazzeo via - Aug 8, 2021
Absolutely fantastic food. We will definitely be coming here often!
Samantha Steinberg via - Jul 26, 2021
Hands down one of the best restaurants in Lancaster. The coconut soup, shrimp tempura sushi roll, Thai bubble tea, and mango sticky rice are a must have. It couldn’t taste more authentic. The staff is just great!! I take all of my out of state friends to this place as there number 1 stop in Lancaster.
Shanae Rempel via - Jul 26, 2021
Eastern Palace is without a doubt my favorite Asian food in Lancaster. The food is very authentic, and has good variety. The quality is amazing, service is fast and friendly. I would definitely recommend putting this place on your to go list ... read more
Derek Weaver via - Jul 26, 2021
One of the best restaurants of this kind of ever been in service and food and immaculately clean what are the best experiences I had I was in with my best friend he treated me it was well worth it the owner came out and talked to us I just can't say enough good about this place I would recommend it for anybody any adult or child ... read more
I I via - Jul 23, 2021
The papaya salad with sticky rice tasted like it came right from Chiang Mai. The portions were very generous and the service was excellent 👌 ... read more
Lori Zimmerman via - Jul 19, 2021
I always enjoy their sushi.
Dee L. via - Jul 15, 2021
Great Asian food.
Libby Dorris via - Jul 14, 2021
Amazing! Definitely recommend.
Kelly Armstrong via - Jul 13, 2021
Delicious sushi and the owner is very nice! Great place for take out or eating in.
Maggie Robison via - Jul 11, 2021
It's hard to say which is better the service or the food. So friendly and such a nice atmosphere this place deserves to be packed. Definitely give it a try the curry and fried rice are some of the best I ever had. I could easily see this being a weekly spot for me!
Luke Shaika via - Jul 9, 2021
Great food - variety of Thai, Chinese, Burmese and sushi. Try the Burmese - it's their specialty. The owner was very gracious and loved to talk about his food. Good prices as well.
Konrad Fritz via - Jul 8, 2021
One of my favorite places to eat. The owner and staff are all extremely nice. I have loved everything I have tried here. Highly recommend!
Courtney Weaver via - Jul 8, 2021
Loved it!
Alex Cherny via - Jul 7, 2021
Delicious Burmese cuisine - everything we had was really good. They also have Thai dishes, sushi and a smattering of Chinese dishes. I had the Burmese beef curry, my dining companions had the Burmese chicken curry and fish cake salad. We had sushi appetizers and two Burmese appetizers - samusas (a fried vegetable dumpling) and fried ... read more
Konrad Fritz via - Jul 6, 2021
We all enjoyed our meals which included Sushi, Tofu Red Curry and Pad Thai. All were very delicious and presented very well. Service was excellent and friendly. Prices are very fair I don't think anyone should leave there hungry.
John kyler via - Jul 6, 2021
A rich selection of the most savory of Burmese and Thai cuisine made with love by Wayne and his family.
John von Blauch via - Jul 2, 2021
Great service. The staff are personal and friendly. The food is delicious!
Kelsey Peter via - Jul 1, 2021
Eastern Palace NEVER disappoints! The owner is always there making sure customers feel welcome, as w
Eastern Palace NEVER disappoints! The owner is always there making sure customers feel welcome, as well as satisfied with their dining experience. They are careful to cater to vegans, answering any questions we have. The food is freshly made. I love the vegetable combo sushi, the fried gourd, and the Burmese pea soup the most. I like ... read more
Mal-Lee G. via - Jul 1, 2021
Excellent attentive service. Great food, fairly priced. Kind staff. Definitely recommend.
Nick Batdorf via - Jun 28, 2021
I do not know where to begin with this review. If you look at my other reviews, you'll realize this is a rarity. It is simply because this place has left me speechless! I have thought about it since last week (when I visited) and have decided that this is not only one of the best places I have ever eaten in my life, but also one of t ... read more
Jason Carlucci via - Jun 28, 2021
Wow wow wow! This humble restaurant- the owner busily visiting tables - has the best Thai food (and
Wow wow wow! This humble restaurant- the owner busily visiting tables - has the best Thai food (and other Asian cuisines). The red curry was smooth and velvety, just the right heat. The fried rice (we added curry) is the best fried Rice I've had in ages. Great attentive service, fair prices. We will be back!
Judy A. via - Jun 25, 2021
This place is absolutely fantastic! I love their food, it's delicious. I love the restaurant so much I come back as often as possible. This is my new go-to restaurant. I recommend to everyone I know. Service is fast and efficient. The owner is a super nice guy and friendly. The portions here are huge and I never walk out hungry.
Hannah Kline via - Jun 24, 2021
Great food and excellent service!
Joshua Enevoldson via - Jun 24, 2021
Delicious food. This isn’t your average Asian restaurant. I got the Burmese noodles (which were similar to Thai noodles) and my bf got the chicken and veggies which he loved as well. Definitely check this place out!
Anna Coats via - Jun 21, 2021
Best Burmese/Thai restaurant I’ve ever been. The staff is very kind and friendly. 10 stars for me!
Sara Berteramo via - Jun 19, 2021
Incredible atmosphere! I spent some time in Thailand and their Pad See U was more authentic than a lot of other places in the States! The tom yum soup was BOMB and the boba iced coffee was delicious. Staff was friendly, carried a conversation, and really aimed to please! I don't typically leave reviews, but this place deserves 10 sta ... read more
Monika Gindy via - Jun 18, 2021
Delicious food and great staff. Sounds like a generic review but I really don't want to downplay the quality of the food. I highly recommend.
Jason P via - Jun 15, 2021
The service is always phenomenal and the food is great! The chicken curry and summer rolls are to di
The service is always phenomenal and the food is great! The chicken curry and summer rolls are to die for.
Bern E. via - Jun 15, 2021
Amazing food & wonderful service. I will definitely return! Try the beef salad- It's one of the best I've ever had 👍 ... read more
Mysweetaiden via - Jun 13, 2021
Great food and best service in the area!! Will definitely visit again!
Chiranjiv Chevli via - Jun 13, 2021
Most delicious Thai food I’ve ever had. And received one of the best service here. It’s a must visit restaurant in Lancaster for Asian cuisine!!!
Aditi Marathe via - Jun 13, 2021
Great asian food! One of the best restaurants in the area. Would definitely visit again!
Great asian food! One of the best restaurants in the area. Would definitely visit again!
Chiranjiv C. via - Jun 13, 2021
One of a kind second time I was there and they already recondize me an my wife food is awesome an made to order would recommend to anyone looking for a different place to eat ... read more
Kevin Sutton via - Jun 12, 2021
Best Thai in Lancaster County. Always fresh & delicious ... read more
lyndsey fetzeck via - Jun 11, 2021
Hands down, this is our family's favorite restaurant. We fell in love with the food which is so inte
Hands down, this is our family's favorite restaurant. We fell in love with the food which is so interesting and delicious. I love that they will make things the way we specifically ask. This is a family run business that won't compromise on quality and the recipes are authentic. You can find some traditional favorites but you can als ... read more
Marjorie K. via - Jun 10, 2021
Wonderful place to eat. Food is always amazing! Not one bad experience here. Owner and staff are great!
Thomas Erb via - Jun 3, 2021
Delicious and order takeout frequently. Once they gave us a double portion of calamari for the price of one.
Mr jayda via - Jun 2, 2021
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