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Lancaster’s First Authentic Burmese Restaurant!

chop sticks

Located in Lancaster, PA

slow-roasted Burmese curry mixed with masala, chicken, potato, ginger, garlic, turmeric, onions and chili.
Burmese fish noodle soup with banana stem vermicelli, crispy Chana dal peas, ginger onions, lemongrass and fried garlic.
Burmese flat wide noodles with hot and sour sauce, scallion, garlic, vatana beans and bean sprouts.
Combination of famous appetizers: deep-fried gourd, deep-fried tofu, veggie dumplings, fish cake and samusas.
Burmese Pea Soup with a side of bread and dipping sauce
 Burmese pumpkin curry with ginger and garlic with shrimp.


Eastern Palace brings authentic flavors and top-quality ingredients together helping our guests experience the best Burmese, Thai, and Sushi in Lancaster.

Every plate achieves that elusive, authentic balance of old world flavors, and 5 star presentation.

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Eastern Palace

2206 Columbia Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603
Tel: (717) 208-6356
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